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about us

hello! 🌷

We are Claudia and Alejandra, two sisters born in Barcelona and raised all over the world. Today we present ourselves because we believe in the importance of the proximity and warmth of the Tribe.

🔮Our ways and our hearts have led us to develop an ethical fashion project through which we found the opportunity to open a healing space for the Feminine Tribe, as well as to promote the economy of different parts of our beloved India.

🌿♻️Through the project we find the space to offer the world everything it has given us; We work every day with love and dedication, taking care of every detail to respect our Mother Nature and everything that integrates it. We try, as far as possible, to close the cycle without generating waste. That is why we work with recycled fabrics and biodegradable materials.

🌏We also travel to India where we select one by one the silks that we offer you and we tour its towns in search of small workshops with which to make the different collections.

You will be able to see this work reflected little by little in this project.

🌼The intention is to bring people closer and make the project something warm and close.

👐🏾We also consider that one of the most important pillars of any project is sharing: that is why 10% of each garment is always donated to small humanitarian projects that we discover along our way.

🌈 We keep walking.

With love,

Radha's Tribe✨


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