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Gypsy Collection




Immerse yourself in the bohemian and enchanting world of the Gypsy collection by Radha's Tribe. Inspired by the free and nomadic spirit of the gypsies, this collection will transport you to a magical universe full of vibrant colors, exotic prints and handcrafted details.

The Gypsy collection is made up of a wide selection of garments and accessories that capture the essence of gypsy life. From flowy dresses to ethereal blouses, each piece is designed to evoke a sense of freedom, adventure and bohemian style.

Discover the magic and charm of the Gypsy collection from Radha's Tribe and let yourself be carried away by the nomadic and bohemian spirit. Each garment is a unique treasure that invites you to embrace your inner freedom and live life with passion and joy. Explore the Gypsy collection and let yourself be carried away by the magic of bohemian style!

each piece is unique

We do not have 2 identical garments. If you feel a crush, you only have one chance

100% recycled garments

Made from recycled sarees in workshops in rural India

ethical fashion

Slow Fashion project with environmental, humanitarian and social commitment


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