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JUNE 1, 2019
15 seats
Contribution: €38

Welcome sister!
It fills our souls with emotion to announce our next circle to you; We open a space to create together the healing of the wild feminine through the "Feminine Mandala" workshop by Oksana Honcharenko, a mentor of feminine awareness who accompanies women in processes of personal transformation and entrepreneurship.
The purpose of this basic workshop is to connect with your body and your belly. Through the 4 faces of the Feminine Mandala you will be able to experience your cyclical nature, know your internal compass, your guide and feminine wisdom so that you can live in this freedom of being changing and authentic at all times, like Mother Nature.
Be the owner of yourself
love all the faces in you,
create your life from this precious place,
Live from your feminine power.
In the most ancient times, more than 5 thousand years ago, the Woman's body was adored and honored as the manifestation of Mother Nature herself, but this truth has been repressed and forgotten. This nature is cyclical, and is aligned with the seasons and phases of the moon. This reality lives in our bodies and like a compass guides our lives on a physical, emotional and psychic level. Without the feeling of our compass, which is our belly, we feel lost and disconnected from who we really are, we don't feel our roots and we long for our bond with Mother Earth.
In this meeting we intend to give shape to this knowledge, to know our cyclical power and thus feel the root that connects us to our feminine energy.
Oksana Honcharenko brings us the wonderful knowledge of the Feminine Mandala. She will guide us towards our cyclical nature, which is marked by 4 directions, by 4 elements that correspond to the 4 seasons and the 4 phases of the moon. In turn, we will know the 4 archetypes of Women.
If you are interested in participating in the workshop, contact us via email:

With love,

Radha's Tribe


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