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Who has made your clothes?

🌟Because of the we want to show you, through the initiative, part of La Tribu with which we make the garments for this new collection.

This initiative arose as a result of the tragic accident that took place in Bangladesh in 2013. The Rana Plaza building in which multinationals from the textile world made their "fast fashion" in appalling conditions, collapsed, losing the lives of more than 1,000 workers and resulting in injuries around 2,000.

🤲🏼 We join the initiative with the aim that more projects and textile brands also take responsibility for ensuring good working conditions, safety at work, fair trade and sustainable forms of production.

✨Thus, we introduce you to these young entrepreneurs from rural India with whom we made part of the collection.

💛Together with them, we take care of choosing the recycled saris one by one while we drink chai ☕️ (spiced tea) in moments of rest, thus fostering a close relationship between those of us who are part of the entire process.

Little by little we will introduce you to all those who are part of this project.❤️

With love,

Radha's Tribe💚


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